About Calwise

Inspired by and sourced from the California hillsides

Historically, California has always represented a sort of rugged sophistication. For decades we’ve drawn inspiration from the land. It’s pushed us to be creative, to innovate and to believe.   Calwise is a celebration of this feeling. Our spirits are born from quiet hikes down dusty forest trails where rich aromas fill the air and find their way into Big Sur Gin. Where barrels lay in the vineyards and lend their character to our rum. Strolls down long rows of fragrant orange groves inspire our orange liqueur. Everything we do is an homage to this place. Every bottle is a piece of home.
Strong Family Roots
Lawlessness and small batch liquor runs deep
When the Feds shut down Aaron’s great-great-grandfather’s moonshining operation during Prohibition, the family business was far from over. Almost a century later, the craft that runs in Aaron’s blood re-emerged when he made the reckless decision to start making hooch in his college dorm room. What began as a humble hobby quickly grew into a passion and then evolved into an obsession.

A perfectionist and lover of nature, Aaron takes inspiration from the place he calls home and its rich culture. He shares the experiences he found on the central coast – the sights, the smells, and the flavors – through his creations at Calwise Spirits Co.
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